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Registration Process

  1. After completion of the PGSCN online program, submit the Notarized CCN Exam Application (requires Acrobat reader) by mail to the CNCB office. Verify the CNCB office has received the Notarized CCN Exam Application before proceeding to the online CCN Exam Registration. You cannot be approved without verification the office has received this.
  2. Please complete the pre-registration form (next page), and submit it.
  3. Retain the reference number from the confirmation page for your records. Captus Press will also send you a confirmation email containing the pre-registration information. CNCB will then approve your registration and exam application or contact you for additional information.
  4. Upon CNCB approval, Captus Press will process your payment of $450.00. Once payment has been processed, you will be sent an email with a login code for the exam. Should you not receive the email, you may also retrieve your exam login from the Confirmation page that appears after you submit this form. You will need to add that page to your favorites in order to do this.
  5. Your login code will give access to the exam within one week beginning on the date you fill in on this form. Please allow sufficient time for CNCB and Captus to process your application.

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